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Daimler Trucks Launches Elite Support Program To Improve Customer Experience At Freightliner And Western Star Branded Dealerships

Daimler Trucks Unveils New Elite Support Dealer Service Network Program

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has launched Elite Support, a collaborative program between DTNA and its truck dealers, focused on improving the customer experience at Freightliner and Western Star branded dealerships.

The new program provides quality assurance, rapid diagnostics, exceptional turnaround times and consistent communication, all provided by a highly trained staff.

Elite Support focuses on enhancing dealership processes that address customer concerns, which will lead to higher standards of customer satisfaction throughout the network, the company expects.

During the coming months, Elite Support truck dealerships across the U.S. and Canada will be holding open house events to share program details and show their local customers the impact that this program has made on their dealership. At these upcoming events, both existing and new customers will also learn about the expanding network of Elite Support certified dealer locations.

“Dealer standards programs from OEMs are nothing new, but dealer-driven ones are,” says Martin Osborne, general manager of distribution network development for Daimler Trucks North America LLC. “What sets Elite Support apart is that DTNA-affiliated dealers are using continuous improvement methods to provide the foundation and skills for dealers to address their self-identified opportunities for improvement.”

Mar 26, 2012 | Original Link

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