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event: Loyalty Industry

SOCAP International's 2013 Symposium


SOCAP International's 2013 Symposium will be the premier gathering of top customer relationship experts from more than 100 industry brands. The SOCAP Symposium is your exclusive opportunity to engage one-on-one with other customer care professionals within your vertical, exploring and examining the trends, topics and questions most relevant to your industry. At SOCAP's 2013 Symposium, you will find three days of:

  • Networking with top brands and customer care professionals

  • Interactive sessions and idea sharing on critical issues facing the customer care profession, and

  • A showcase of new technologies, solutions and services that are reinventing how customer care is delivered.

Location: Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA, USA
Date: 28 Apr-01 May 2013

Presented By: SOCAP International (Society Of Consumer Affairs Professionals In Business)

Keynote Speaker: Cliff Moore (Co-Founder and Chairman at COPC), Matt Ariker (Chief Operating Officer of Consumer Marketing Analytics Center at McKinsey & Company), Gabe Zichermann (Gamification Expert & Leading Business Strategist), Leslie O'Flahavan (Principal at E-Write)

  • Big Data: What's In It for Me?
  • 2013 COPC-SOCAP Benchmarking Study: Benchmarking Multi-Channel Integration; Voice of the Customer; and Organizational Performance Metrics
  • Evolution of Market Research How to Partner Effectively
  • Leveraging Consumer Contacts for Greater Insights
  • Make Big Data Pay Right Now
  • Changing the Game in Customer Service
  • How Storytelling Helps People Listen to What You Say and Do What You Ask

Fees Range: $795 - $2150

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